China (Guangzhou) International Health Management
& Rehabilitation Exhibition 2021

24-26 September 2021

China Import and Export Fair Complex

China (Guangzhou) International Health Management & Rehabilitation Exhibition 2021

In 2019, China government launched the "Healthy China 2019-2030 Plan", which is a national initiative that encourages diet, exercise, and access to healthcare service. It is predicted that health management industry will reach $ 1.1 trillion by 2020, $ 2 trillion by 2030. To meet the "healthy China 2030" target, the health service sector needs to grow at a compound rate of 16% in 2016-2020 and 7.2% in 2020-2030. For the next decade, health management industry will be one of the most important industries of China.

Co-located Event: 同期举办

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  • HM&R推荐展商及品牌之一:SAFE
  • HM&R推荐展商及品牌之二:高健电子
  • HM&R推荐展商及品牌之三:荷清柔性电子
  • HM&R推荐展商及品牌之四:康健基因
  • HM&R推荐展商及品牌之五:南雪医疗
  • HM&R推荐展商及品牌之六:瑞奥康辰
  • HM&R推荐展商及品牌之七:raybiotech
  • HM&R推荐展商及品牌之八:亚洲医旅
  • HM&R推荐展商及品牌之九:地道珍品
  • HM&R推荐展商及品牌之十:永茂生技实业
  • HM&R推荐展商及品牌之十一:广药集团
  • HM&R推荐展商及品牌之十二:山东福瑞达医药集团公司
  • HM&R推荐展商及品牌之十三:河北肽都集团
  • HM&R推荐展商及品牌之十四:正大青春宝药业有限公司
  • HM&R推荐展商及品牌之十五:康美药业股份有限公司.
  • 广州国际营养品展 展商评价之一:HONGBOG Co. Ltd.

    “We producing Health Testing Instrument, this is the second time we participate in the show. We choose this show because it is a famous health show in China, with large scale. We get so many enquiries in this show, and most of them expected to reach a deal. We absolutely will keep participating next year!”

    ——Mr. Ding, Marketing Director, HONGBOG
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24-26 Sep. 2021
China Import and Export Fair Complex

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